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Iron Neck

Iron Neck 3.0

Iron Neck 3.0

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Setup Anywhere: Iron Neck is designed for ultimate convenience, allowing you to set up in seconds using any door or vertical post.

Reimagined Design: More portable, comfortable, and wearable. The Iron Neck 3.0 features an internal track design that reduces size and weight, enhancing both comfort and usability. Its smooth, beveled edges and sandblasted finish ensure durability and a premium look, reflecting our commitment to life-changing solutions.

Enhanced Fitting: The upgraded AirFit System provides a more comfortable fit by distributing air evenly in the rear pad. New, interchangeable front pads conform to your forehead, while the smoother rear pad material prevents hair snagging. Whether rehabbing an injury or training for sports, Iron Neck 3.0 ensures you do it comfortably and confidently.

20% Smaller: The reduced size of Iron Neck 3.0 improves movement patterns and range of motion by shortening the distance between the attached band and your forehead. The internal track design also accommodates various head sizes.

33% Lighter: The lighter, more compact Iron Neck 3.0 is easier to wear and transport, fitting comfortably in any travel or gym bag. It's a significant evolution from our original 15 lb metal halo design, making it more user-friendly than ever.

What's Included

The Iron Neck 3.0 comes with a 25 lb. resistance band, door anchor, cinch anchor, door belt, skullcap, and a getting started guide.

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