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Iron Neck

Alpha Harness

Alpha Harness

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Meet Iron Neck Alpha Harness

Featuring 4 side clips and 2 hanging clips, the Alpha Neck Training Harness enables linear training in both side-to-side and up-and-down directions. Constructed from upgraded, highly durable materials, this head harness supports traditional weighted neck exercises and rotational movements using bands.


4 Side Clips: Enables side-to-side linear training.

2 Hanging Clips: Allows for up-and-down linear training.

Durable Construction: Made from upgraded high-strength materials for increased durability.

Versatile Use: Suitable for traditional weighted neck exercises.

Rotational Training: Supports rotational movements with bands.

Comfort Fit: Designed for secure and comfortable wear during workouts.

Enhanced Performance: Ideal for athletes and fitness enthusiasts aiming to strengthen their neck muscles.

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